Charley volunteers to look after Samuel's restaurant while he's gone to see Mr. Miyori. When the ice cream machine overflows, he soon discovers that asking for help is a big part of being responsible.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be ResponsibleClifford's Big Idea: Be Responsible

Great lessons of learning happen for children when windows for exploration and discovery are opened. Children who are exposed to past and present ideas of thought can develop a greater appreciation of their own potential! The following activities nurture:

  • understanding and appreciating diversity skills
  • science and discovery skills
  • language and literacy skills

What's a Machine?What's a Machine?

Help your child discover the world of machines right in your own home! Explore what your child knows about machines and tools that families use each day. Share that a machine has different parts that move and whose purpose is to make work easier. Then place peel-and-stick dots on machines around the house like the washing machine, microwave, hair dryer, lawn mover, and leaf blower. Discuss how daily routines and responsibilities around the house would be very different without these useful machines.

Who's Responsible for That?Who's Responsible for That?

Help your child further explore this ethnically diverse group of men and women responsible for fascinating inventions and inspiring accomplishments:

  • Alexander Graham Bell - invented the telephone
  • Louis Braille - invented a system of reading for the blind
  • Peter Cooper - the man behind Jell-O and the first American locomotive
  • Marion Donovan - invented the disposable diaper
  • Elisha Gray - inventor of the musical telegraph, one of the first electric instruments
  • Jan Matzeliger - inventor of the shoe-making machine
  • Golda Mier - Jewish leader; first and only female Prime Minister of Israel; born in Russia, educated in America
  • Antonia Novello - first Hispanic woman to be Surgeon General; a pediatrician; a native of Puerto Rico
  • Wilma Rudolph - an Olympic Champion; born with polio; wore leg braces until the age of nine
  • Phyllis Wheatley - first published African American poet
  • Wright Brothers - first to be successful in flight

Yes! Remember the Ladies!Yes! Remember the Ladies!

With a Group:
Have a group reading of Remember the Ladies by Cheryl Harness (Scholastic) to introduce 100 of America's greatest women. How have these women changed the way life is today? Encourage children to express thoughts on how the accomplishments of these women influence their own lives today.

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