Clifford is falsely accused of wrecking the treats table at the apartment Halloween party. Can his friends help him find the real culprit?

Clifford's Ideas to Grow On: Be Truthful & Be a Good FriendClifford's Ideas to Grow On: Be Truthful &
            Be a Good Friend

Children love to make friends! By participating in fun, sharing activities, the value of being a good friend can be reinforced. The following activities nurture:

  • cognitive skills
  • language and literacy skills
  • art appreciation skills

Pumpkin Heads!Pumpkin Heads!

Skim through the illustrations of Clifford's First Halloween by Norman Bridwell (Scholastic). Encourage your child to make predictions about what might happen in this fun story before reading it. Discuss what it means to be truthful and how important it is to be a good friend. After reading, make an easy pumpkin head bag by drawing a Jack-O-Lantern face on a small brown bag. Crumple bag before filling with candy. Gather and close top with a rubber band. Tie with green ribbon or yarn. Use this opportunity to also discuss Halloween safety.

Personal Puzzle!Personal Puzzle!

Help your child cut out magazine pictures of friends, or family pictures. Glue pictures on poster board of heavy paper to make collage. Cut collage into puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle together.

Baby Face PuzzleBaby Face Puzzle

With a Group:
Ask children to bring a photocopied baby picture from home. Combine pictures to make a large group collage. Cut up collage. Cooperatively solve puzzle together or use a timer to create fun competition among small groups. Puzzles can also be duplicated so that everyone can have their own "Baby Face" puzzle to take home.

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