THE LETTER (Episode P122b)

Evan and Emily Elizabeth offer to mail a letter for Mr. Solomon on their way to buy tickets to a concert by their favorite band, the Zippers. But the kids' plans are disrupted by their own generosity and helpful nature. When they finally arrive at the park where the concert is taking place, the tickets have been sold out. But the other members of the community are so grateful to the kids for all of their help that day that they all pitch in and make sure that Evan and Emily Elizabeth attend the concert.

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Help OthersClifford's Ideas to Grow On: Help Others

By experiencing the rewards of helping others, children can develop a healthier self-esteem and feeling of worthiness. The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • language and literacy skills

Help in a FlashHelp in a Flash!

Help your child identify pictures of people helping one another. Categorize both pictures and index cards into helping tasks- inside, outside, with pets, friends, at playtime, and school. Glue pictures on matching index cards. Assist your child in writing other things a helper could do on each card. Record each time your child is a helper. Set a goal for a sweet treat or reward after participation in each category.

Helping PartnersHelping Partners!

For an episode connection, read Clifford to the Rescue by Norman Bridwell (Scholastic). Discuss the many ways that Clifford helps others in this story. Engage your child in a conversation about ways to be a helper. Make a refrigerator list of 5 tasks that you and your child could do as partners to help someone else. Then agree on a reward for checking off each task and get busy!

To the RescueTo the Rescue!

With a Group:
Introduce the many ways that community organizations, emergency and non-emergency, serve to help others. Invite leaders from community organizations like these to share information about their responsibilities and mission to serve the public:

  • The American Red Cross
  • Hospital
  • Fire Department
  • Police
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Animal Shelter

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