The animals are in the courtyard making up games. When it's Norville's turn to invent a game he consistently reinvents the rules so that each time emerges as the winner. Each time this happens, he further alienates his friends until they eventually refuse to play with him anymore. In the end, Norville realizes the importance of playing fair.

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Play FairClifford's Ideas to Grow On: Play Fair

It's important for children to appreciate the value of cooperative play. When children have opportunities to share in a group activity, they become more aware of how everyone can contribute to the fun and work of accomplishing a goal. The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • physical and motor skills
  • understanding and appreciating diversity skills

Puzzle PlayPuzzle Play!

Have your child and a friend color some fun Clifford coloring pages. Glue each page on a piece of poster board. When dry, cut each page and keep in a separate basket, folder or large coffee can. Mark each puzzle group by letter or number. Encourage children to "share the fun" by putting these homemade puzzles back together.

Build Your Castle to the SkyBuild Your Castle to the Sky!

Take your child to the beach, zoo, playground, or park…anywhere that sand is available for play. With cans, cups, shovels, and spoons, and a little handy water, help your child and a friend build sandcastles. Of course, if finding sand is a challenge…there's always a good mud pie close by!

Cultural Show-and-TellCultural Show-and-Tell!

With a Group:
Invite children to bring something culturally special from home to display and share with the group like a family recipe, musical instrument, clothing, or art. Encourage children to express their thoughts, affection, and understanding about whatever they've brought to share.

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