TIME OUT (Episode P117a)

Nina loses her date book. Jorge doesn't help her find it, thinking she will have more time to play with him. The plan backfires, and Jorge learns to respect Nina's commitments.

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Have RespectClifford's Ideas to Grow On: Have Respect

As children grow new friendships, they sometimes have challenges sharing friends without feeling that they've been put aside for someone else. The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • language and literacy skills

Friends to RememberFriends to Remember!

Help your child develop lasting friendships by creating a book of memories that friends can enjoy when they are away from each other. Include phone numbers for calling, addresses for writing, Internet addresses for supervised emailing. Video children playing and tape-record friendly messages. Encourage friends to exchange something special like a Clifford the Big Red Dog book, a pet photo, a friendship necklace, blanket, favorite movie, music, or toy. Help your child mark calendar for the next time the friends will see each other.

Building FriendshipsBuilding Friendships!

Read these inspiring books on friends and relationships:

  • Clifford's Best Friend by Norman Bridwell (Scholastic)
  • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn (Child Welfare League of America)
  • Will I Have a Friend? by Miriam Cohen (Aladdin Library)

Discuss each story's characters (people, animals, setting (where story took place), and plot (what happened?). Share character's feelings, challenges, and how each story was resolved. Encourage your child to illustrate a character or event from their favorite tale and share the story again independently with family or friends.

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