Jorge, in an attempt to retrieve a ball from the other side of a fence finds himself stuck. His friends try to get him out but Clifford comes up with an idea that does the trick. Jorge is so indebted to Clifford he vows to repay him and, as a result, bombards Clifford with kind favors and words. At first, Clifford enjoys this special treatment but, pretty soon, Jorge's acts of gratitude become overwhelming. Clifford helps Jorge learn that helping your friends is an implicit part of any friendship.

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Be a Good FriendClifford's Ideas to Grow On: Be a Good Friend

How children learn to communicate and interact with friends depends on their experiences early in life. By sharing opportunities that bring friends together, children can gain social skills for healthy relationships. The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • music and art appreciation and performance skills

Friendship NecklacesFriendship Necklaces!

With a Group:
Make friendship necklaces by painting Styrofoam packing pieces. When dry, poke holes through pieces for children with a skewer. Help children string pieces with yarn or thread, leaving enough length to tie ends. Encourage friends to trade with each other.

Yummy Chummy PizzaYummy Chummy Pizza!

With a Group:
Cook up some chummy, yummy pizza by letting kids make an assembly line to add pizza ingredients like sauce, cheese, vegetables, and meat of choice onto French bread. Don't forget that this pizza can also be made from pie dough, cream cheese, fruits, and nuts. Yummy for the chummies!

Musical AnimalsMusical Animals!

With a Group:
Spread animal pictures inside a large circle on the floor. Play music, prompting children to walk around the circle. When music stops, everyone finds an animal to stand on. Prompt entire group to briefly act and sound like the animal they are standing. Throw "animals" a treat to eat while one animal picture is removed. Repeat until only one "animal" is left standing to entertain everyone!

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