MY BLANKY (Episode 116a)

Emily Elizabeth tells Nina that she still sleeps with her baby blanket. Later, Nina inadvertently shares this information with Shun. Soon, everyone knows about Emily Elizabeth's "blanky." When she discovers this, Emily Elizabeth is upset with Nina, but Nina doesn't understand why she should apologize when Emily Elizabeth never explicitly told her that this information was a secret. With Evan's help, Nina learns that confidences between friends really shouldn't be broken and she apologizes to Emily Elizabeth.

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Be a Good FriendClifford's Ideas to Grow On: Be a Good Friend

It's important for children to learn how to show respect for others. Children grow to understand the value of respect by having positive, teachable experiences as they interact with family and friends. The following activities nurture:

  • language and literacy skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • social and emotional skills

A Promise is a Promise is a PromiseA Promise is a Promise is a Promise!

Every friend knows how important it is to keep a promise. Help your child appreciate the importance of keeping a promise by sharing in these fun activities:

  • Read: The Flag We Love by Pam Munoz Ryan (Charlesbridge) and Red, White & Blue: The Story of the American Flag (All Aboard Reading Level 2) by John Herman (Gosset & Dunlap). Practice showing respect to the American flag by standing at attention and placing hand over heart when the pledge is spoken or the flag passes by.
  • Turn an old deck of cards into a new "deck of promises." Paint cards. Write simple promises with marker on each card. Take turns drawing from the deck each week. Keeping simple promises like picking up toys, helping in the kitchen, or reading 15 minutes each day, can help a child grow into those bigger promises that come along later in life.

Group PromiseGroup Promise!

With a Group:
Help children choose a community organization or service project to participate in on a routine basis. Create a simple contract for each child to sign as a commitment, or promise, to keep. Set a reward for the entire group to enjoy together when they have fulfilled their commitments.


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