THE BEST NEST (Episode P114a)

When Norville's nest disappears, his friends decide to build him a new one, but their bickering and fooling around nearly ruins the plan.

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Work TogetherClifford's Idea to Grow On: Work Together

Children gain skills that help them work within a group by practice! Learning how to share responsibilities with other friends while accomplishing a goal teaches skills needed for successful cooperative learning. The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • science and discovery skills
  • music and art appreciation and performance skills

"Eggcellent" Collage!"Eggcellent" Collage!

Working together has never been so fun! Dip one dozen (or more!) hard-boiled eggs into various colors of food coloring. Remove eggshells, separate by color. When dry, use shell pieces to fill in images of birds to create a colorful and unique eggshell collage. Another "eggcellent" idea is to listen to soothing rainforest music while creating collage.

Bird Snacks!Bird Snacks!

Have children bring stale bread, leftover biscuits or rolls. Tear bread into small pieces and divide into small bags for each child to carry. Take a nature walk and cast out bread bits. Birds will soon gather to eat up these generous snacks!

Think about these ideas while taking your nature walk:

  • What sounds do you hear?
  • How many birds can you see?
  • What bird species are local to your area?
  • Where do birds live? Do all birds nest in trees? (No! Penguins and ostriches can't even fly! )

Discover more about birds by visiting your local library, zoo, or by inviting an ornithologist, or person very knowledgeable about birds, to share with group.

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