DOGGY DUDS (Episode P113b)

When Jorge neglects to take off a new sweater that Nina knit him, he accidentally rips it while playing with Clifford. Jorge must decide if he will tell Nina the truth.

Clifford's Ideas to Grow On: Be Responsible & Be TruthfulClifford's Ideas to Grow On: Be Responsible &
            Be Truthful

Becoming a responsible person begins early in life. Children are inspired to be responsible and serve others as they recognize compassion and experience the rewards of service to others. The following activities nurture:

  • life skills
  • social and emotional skills

Great Good Deeds Collage!Great Good Deeds Collage!

Look through magazines, news sources, and family pictures to find examples of people and animals helping one other and being responsible. Find out how your child values being a helper, being responsible. Talk about situations that friends, family, and community workers can help others and be responsible. Start a "Great Good Deeds" collage by cutting out pictures and creating personal illustrations to glue on poster board as a reminder of how important doing something for someone else really is!

Mission Accomplished!Mission Accomplished!

Discuss ways that you and your child are compassionate beings. To help your child experience the rewards of being compassionate and responsible, brainstorm on ways that your family could serve a friend, neighbor, family member, or community project. To accomplish this mission, get started by using these ideas:

  • Spend time with an elderly person.
  • Ask a neighbor what you can do to help them around their home.
  • Offer to feed a pet or collect mail while a friend is out of town.
  • Recycle and encourage family and friends to recycle.
  • Contact local Guide Dog (Seeing Eye Dog) organization and discover how your family can volunteer to raise a Guide Dog puppy until it is old enough to train for service.

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