(Episode P111a)

Nina has made her friends the stars in her new play about springtime, but she insists that everything be done her way. When her cast and crew quit, she is finally able to do everything herself. Will her one-person production be a success?

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Help Others Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Play Fair

It's so important for children to realize that treating others with fairness is rewarding for everyone involved…especially during playtime! When friends work together, everyone benefits in the end. The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • science and discovery skills
  • language and literacy skills

It's a Spring Thing!It's a Spring Thing!

Help your child explore the changes and growth that take place in spring. Discover what your child knows about spring by first discussing these questions:

  • What season comes before and after spring?
  • What things outside make up "nature?"
  • What signs does nature give that spring has arrived?
  • How is the weather different?
  • Does spring bring changes in how people dress and play?
  • How do plants and animals change?

Make an episode connection by talking about how friends can enjoy one another during spring. Discuss how playing fair and treating others with kindness helps friends have more fun when they play.

Read and Record Spring!Read and Record Spring!

  • Read It's Spring! by Samantha Berger and Pamela Chanko (Scholastic Hello Reader, 2000) Take a nature walk together, taking notice of spring colors, sounds, budding plants and trees.
  • Create a "Seasons" book by taking pictures of your child playing and exploring nature each season. This yearlong project will give your child a unique visual record of the seasons and his/her own personal growth.

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