SHUN IN THE GAME (Episode P109b)

It's the first beautiful day of spring AND the official opening day of the Courtyard Volleyball season, so why does Shun keep making up excuses for why he can't play?

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Believe in YourselfClifford's Idea to Grow On: Believe in Yourself

The more children believe in themselves, the more they will free themselves to explore and learn about their world. By giving children opportunities to discover and experience new things, confidence and self-esteem can grow, and grow, and grow! The following activities nurture:

  • language and literacy skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • science and discovery skills

It's a Spring Thing!It's a Spring Thing!

Questions about spring and the four seasons can be answered by reading these fun books:

  • Norman Bridwell's Clifford the Big Red Dog: The Spring Carnival by Wendy Cheyette Lewison (Scholastic)
  • When Spring Comes by David Maass (Henry Holt & Company)
  • Maurice Sendak's The Little Bear: The Search for Spring by Elise Holmelund
  • Minarik (Harper Festival)
  • It's Spring by Samantha Berger (Cartwheel Books)
  • Spring Has Sprung (Spyglass Books) by Jennifer Waters (Compass Point Books)

Spring Fling Clean-Up!  Spring Fling Clean-Up!

With a Group:
Have a group reading of Clifford's Spring Clean-Up by Norman Bridwell (Scholastic). Discuss story, then brainstorm how everyone could "spring clean" around their own home. Identify areas around the neighborhood or community that could benefit from a "Spring Fling Clean-Up." Seek opportunities for group to participate with organizations that include children in community service projects. Participation is key for children to experience how important they are to they own community!

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