HELPING PAWS (Episode P107b)

When Clifford offers to baby-sit the Sidarsky kids, he doesn't realize how big of a job it is to look after four little mice. Will he accept Daffodil's offer to help him, or will he try to do it all by himself?

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Be ResponsibleClifford's Idea to Grow On: Be Responsible

Children learn best about responsibility when they have the opportunity to practice it! By giving children opportunities to show they can be responsible, they grow in awareness of how important being responsible really is. The following activities nurture:

  • life skills
  • science and discovery skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving skills

Growing Responsible! Growing Responsible!

Use these simple ideas to help teach your child value of being responsible:

  • For a "growing" experience, plant a small fruit or flower plant. Carefully read care instructions. Then make a chart to keep up with planting, watering, fertilizing, and pruning responsibilities.
  • Help your child become more aware of the responsibilities that baby-sitters have and how your child can help in the case of an emergency. Make a list of emergency phone numbers to be placed by the phone. Create a first-aid kit to keep in special place. Practice home tornado and fire drills. Help your child realize the important role that everyone takes in an unexpected situation or emergency!

To the Rescue!To the Rescue!

With a Group:
Engage children in a discussion about how community helpers like firefighters, police, and EMS professionals respond to help others in an emergency. Take tours of local fire department, police department, and EMS facility. Encourage children to express what they learned through original drawings and thank-you notes.

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