SOCK IT TO ME (Episode P105a)

Daffodil feels left out when Clifford and Emily Elizabeth have a great time playing with the "sock spider." Can Clifford think up a new fun way to include Daffodil in the game too?

Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Share Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Share

The best thing about sharing is that it brings friends together! As children role-play and interact with others, they learn valuable lessons about sharing. Sharing makes time with playmates rewarding and fun! The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • language and literacy skills

Sharing Treasures!  Sharing Treasures!

By sharing something special with your child, you set an example of how rewarding and fun sharing can be. Share a treasured book or a childhood toy. Brainstorm about ways to care for the special item and set a time for the item to be returned. This practice run in sharing will hopefully set the stage for better understanding when little friends begin showing interest in each other's things on the playground and in the toy box.

Silly Sock Puppet!Silly Sock Puppet!

To make a silly sock puppet, sew buttons on the toe area of the sock for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Fabric, decorative trim, or paint can also be used. Share riddles back and forth for some simple sock silliness! Try this one: What did one sock say to other? Quit stepping on my toe!

Pass the Clay!Pass the Clay!

With a Group:
This fun hands-on activity will encourage children to share without getting too attached the objects they are playing with. Before beginning, show children models of simple clay/dough art. Sit children in a small circle. Hand each child a hand size ball of clay or play dough. Set a timer for 3-5 minutes. Then ready, set, go! When timer goes off, have each child show and tell about their creation. Afterwards, have children quickly ball up their clay/dough and pass it to the next person. Repeat activity.

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