Judge Lily LaValley is coming by ferry today to judge the island's Dog of the Year Contest and Emily Elizabeth has worked hard to get Clifford squeaky clean. But when Clifford sees that Cleo and T-Bone are having problems digging up a bone, he can't resist helping. When Clifford shows up at the dock to meet Emily Elizabeth, she soon realizes that dirty or clean, Clifford will always be her Dog of the Year!

Clifford's Big Idea: Help OthersClifford's Big Idea: Help Others

Children can have great learning experiences when they are allowed to participate and contribute their own ideas in order to help someone else. The following activities nurture:

  • cognitive skills
  • life skills
  • physical and motor skills

Half to Whole Animal Match!Half to Whole Animal Match!

Help your child have fun matching parts to make a whole. Cut out enlarged colorful pictures of different kinds of animals. Glue the pictures onto poster board, and then cut each picture in half. Discuss animal names, characteristics, and habitats. Match halves to make a whole. For more fun, reverse thinking by mismatching pieces and renaming them to create new crazy creatures. Imagine a giraffe-a-gator! (giraffe + alligator)

Friendship Takes Practice!Fruit-ee-licious Freezies!

Have your child help you follow this simple recipe to make a delicious and healthy fruit-ee-licious ice snack. Fill ice tray with fruit juice and small bits of fruit. Try cherries in lime juice or grapes in strawberry juice. Freeze and enjoy each mini-block of ice together in a cool drink or simply by itself until it's all gone!

The Big Tug!The Big Tug!

With a Group:
Experience fun teamwork by playing rounds of Tug-O-War. Begin by dividing group into small partner groups of 4, 6 or 8. After each pull is completed, combine groups until there are only two large teams left for the final big tug!

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