Clifford has a great idea to play follow-the-leader, but Cleo takes over and forgets to play fair. When Cleo discovers that she has been left to play alone, she realizes that playing fair is the best way to have fun with friends.

Clifford's Big Idea: Play FairClifford's Big Idea: Play Fair

When children interact with others, they also learn about their own interests and potential. By giving children activities that use imagination, they can explore their own ability to create and contribute to something bigger than themselves. The following activities nurture:

  • cognitive skills
  • physical and motor skills
  • science and discovery skills

Monkey See, Monkey Do!Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Have hilarious fun with your child by using these funny commands with some lively music:

  • Stand on one foot, then switch, scratching one ear then the other while making monkey sounds.
  • Circle like a soaring bird, marching soldier, bunny, and galloping horse.
  • Do the chicken dance.
  • Skip forward, sideways, and back again.
  • Grab heels and walk 'round like a monkey before falling down and tickling each other!

Follow Me!Follow Me!

Provide your child with directional concepts by using these fun motions:

  • Move hands above and below, in front of, and behind various body parts. Have child use directional words to describe location of hands like above head, below chin, in front of knees, behind back, etc.
  • While looking at a picture, have child express where objects are in the picture.
  • Take a nature walk and encourage child to describe things up, down, above, below, inside, outside, etc.

Responsible Robot!Responsible Robot!

With a Group:
Provide group with boxes, cans, buttons, yarn, pie plates, cups, plastic bowls, etc. to use in cooperatively creating a robot. Use glue, staples, wire, etc. to attach parts together. Paint the robot and give it a name. Brainstorm with group to list responsible things that the robot could do to help around the house, at school, or in the community!

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