FISHING LESSONS (Episode 218a)

Charley promises to teach Emily Elizabeth how to fish, then keeps putting it off until "tomorrow." At first, Emily Elizabeth is understanding and uses the extra time to visit the library and check out books on fishing. But after a while, she's hurt by Charley's continuous cancellations. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta help him to realize that once a promise is made, it should be honored and respected.

Clifford's Big Idea: Have Respect

Children are most likely to show the same respect for others that they experience in their own lives. By giving children the opportunity to discover sea life, they can develop greater respect for the sea and it's inhabitants. The following activities nurture:

  • math and numbers
  • reading and language
  • physical and motor skills

Fish Math

Materials: Pictures of seasonal clothing, 4 paper plates, glue, scissors

Materials: Illustrated fish book, fish cookie cutter for pattern, paper for 6 fish, crayons, 6 small goldfish bowls or clear drinking glasses

Fish come in every size, shape and color! Study the many fascinating fish in your child's favorite sea life book. Then transfer these unique images as you trace, cut out and color fish to count. Then have fun helping your child play and learn number concepts with these fun games:

  1. Use six small goldfish bowls or glasses. Label each fish and bowl with the numbers 1-6. Using the cut out goldfish, encourage your child to match each fish to the matching bowl.
  2. Place a different number of fish in two different bowls. Encourage your child to guess the correct amount. Change the amounts and try again.
  3. Use three fishbowls to introduce fractions 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3.
  4. Use two fishbowls to introduce counting by twos.

Fish Collage Mobile

Materials: Internet, magazines, scissors, glue, 3 paper plates, yarn, paperclips

Take your child on a trip to discover life underwater at your local library, zoo, marine aquarium, etc. Read about or discover by observation fascinating information about sharks, dolphins, jellyfish and the others incredible kinds of sea life in our oceans.

Help your child identify and cut out (from a magazines or web site printables) a variety of fish/underwater species. Glue onto both sides of each paper plate. Connect the paper plates one under the other hooking paperclips into the top and bottom of the middle plate to create a mobile. Use one more paperclip on the top plate and attach yarn for hanging.

Suggested Storybooks

  • Six Foolish Fishermen by Robert D. San Souci (Hyperion Books for Children)
  • Clifford Counts by Norman Bridwell (Scholastic, Inc.)
  • Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister (North-South Books)

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