JETTA'S FRIEND (Episode 217b)

When her pen pal visits the island, nothing goes as Jetta planned, but to her own surprise, she has fun anyway!

Clifford's Big Idea: Be a Good Friend

By understanding that circumstances sometimes change our best-made plans, children can be more relaxed and open to new ideas. Appreciating that anytime can be a fun time when it's spent with a friend can help children have an easier time adjusting to unpredictable situations. The following activities nurture:

  • reading and language
  • creative expression

Popsicle Pictures

Materials: various animal costumes, masks or nametags to indicate animal characters: cat/dog, cat/bird, baby seal/shark, fox/chicken, snake/mouse, lizard/fly, etc.

Materials: Ice cube tray, water, washable finger paint

Have your child invite over a friend to make these fun paint sticks. Fill ice cube trays with a mixture of water/food coloring or water/tempera paint. Place in freezer. When the mixture begins to set, put a Popsicle stick in each cube. Let freeze. Each cube becomes an artist's paintbrush! Paint on the sidewalk, butcher paper, paper bag, etc. This is a really "cool" and washable painting project!

Clink-Clank Kitchen Music

Materials: pots, pan, utensils without sharp edges

Share with your child and a friend, pictures of primitive instruments. Discover kitchen items right in your own kitchen that make musical sounds. Encourage your child and his/her friend to beat a soulful rhythm for a clinking-clanking fun time!

Letter Carrier

Materials: Old letters, packages, newspapers, post cards- anything a postal worker could sort!

Take your child and a friend to your local post office and introduce them to the world of mail pick-up, sorting and delivery. Ask to see the newest collectable stamps, use the mail drop and discover what a passport is.

To extend the post office tour at home, prepare envelopes addressed with numbers, letters, words, colors, or symbols. Label places in the house/yard to correspond with envelope addresses. Use this opportunity to teach math and reading concepts. Sort the mail, pack it in a bag and send out your "letter carrier/carriers" to run the route. After the mail has been delivered, take time out for a quick break. Then send out your "letter carrier/carriers" back out to pick up the mail for return to the post office…it's all in a day's work.

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