When Mac worries that Jetta loves her mechanical toy dog more than she loves him, his friends rally around to help him get through his crisis of confidence.

Clifford's Big Idea: Have Respect

Everyone has a "crisis of confidence" from time to time and children are no different. Children learn firsthand about their own needs and sensitivity by the way others treat them. Opportunities to grow a healthy self-esteem are extremely important! The following activities nurture:

  • math and numbers
  • health and safety
  • physical and motor skills

Cultivate Friends!

Materials: Small clay pot or paper cup, planting soil, seeds of choice, water, fertilizer, pencil, calendar

Take a stroll through your local garden nursery and help your child discover the world of plants. Look, touch, and smell! Discuss the basics of plant growth. Let you child select a packet of seeds to take home. Then discuss with your child the similarities between people and plants, recognizing the basic needs that both require- water, food, shelter, love, etc.

Assist your child in planting seeds. Keep a calendar to record any changes or attention given to the plant. It's a unique learning experience for a child to cultivate a living plant that contributes to the environment and natural beauty of his/her surroundings!

With a Group:
Have children plants various groups of seeds and record the differences in the plant germination time, size, color, smell, and care needed to nurture the plants. When the plants are mature, give them as gifts to parents, friends, or community leaders.

This Is Me!

Materials: slips of paper with possible real-life situations for discussion

Materials: butcher paper, crayons and marker

We are all unique in so many ways! Trace around your child's body on butcher paper. Assist your child in filling in the outline with clothing, shoes, hair and facial features. Then encourage your child to write fun and positive words or simple sentences all over the paper. Example- "I'm an awesome artist! I like to swim. My eyes are brown! I take care of my pet." These are great ways for your child to express, "This is me!"

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