JETTA'S SNEAK PEAK (Episode 213b)

Jetta can't resist reading Emily Elizabeth's journal, but soon learns that it is important to respect someone's privacy.

Clifford's Big Idea: Have Respect

It's important for children to recognize boundaries and understand how someone else's "space" relates to them. Learning to become a considerate friend is an important part of developing long-lasting relationships. The following activities nurture:

  • physical and motor skills
  • reading and language

Hidden Treasure

Materials: Thin spiral notebook or diary, pen, crayons

There's something special about recording a thought or a picture from each day in a secret hidden journal. Explain that a diary or journal is a place to record personal thoughts. It's not to be read by anyone else!

Encourage your child to spend a quite moment at the end of each day to make an informal journal entry. This entry might be a word, picture or a simple sentence. Documenting daily thoughts or ideas can become a good habit and nurture basic reading and writing skills.

Orange You Glad You're a Bird?

Materials: orange, spoon, string or yarn, bird seed

Most birds fly away if humans invade their "space." But by making this tasty and simple feeder, you can introduce your child to some fascinating feathered friends without being too conspicuous.

Cut an orange into halves. Squeeze the halves and save the fresh squeezed juice to enjoy later. Use a spoon to scoop out extra pulp. Fill the orange peels with birdseed. Polk three holes around the tops of each orange half. Tie equal lengths of string or yarn and bring ends together to tie at the top. Hang the feeders outside. Then be patient and watch for your special guests to begin arriving.

With a Group:
The activity of bird watching is called "birding." Arrange for your local bird watching expert to take your group on a birding adventure in the park or zoo. Encourage children to keep a journal with illustrations to share later.

Suggested Storybooks

  • Watching Our Feathered Friends by Dean T. Spaulding (Lerner Publishing Group)
  • Little Green by Keith Baker (Harcourt)

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