SPECIAL T-BONE (Episode 213a)

When Emily Elizabeth starts work on a project titled "What Makes Me Special," it gets all of the dogs thinking about what makes them special. T-Bone isn't quite sure, but soon discovers that he has a special gift of making others feel good.

Clifford's Big Idea: Believe in Yourself

Every child has a gift to give. Realizing that the price of a gift is not nearly as important as the thought behind the gift will encourage a child to more freely express feelings of gratitude and appreciation for others. The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • reading and language
  • safety and health

Good for the Heart!

Materials: Fat free cookie recipe of choice

Just about everyone has a "sweet tooth," but not everyone can eat sweets freely without worrying about their dietary needs. Help your child understand the benefits of a healthy diet, low in fat. Then together, mix up a batch of delicious fat-free cookies to share with someone that is on a low-fat heart-healthy diet. Present the cookies with an illustration from the heart and big hug!

With a Group:
Organize a cookie "give away" to promote good and "hearty" eating habits. Put cookies in small clear bags tied with red ribbon. For "good measure," include a handwritten recipe with the calorie/fat statistics.

My Hero!

Material: Homemade "Hero Badge," crayons, safety pins or string, camera

Heroes are just ordinary people that believed in themselves. Discuss/discover what a true hero is and why heroes are special. There are many books (including the family picture album) that can help your child discover important social, scientific or historical heroes.

Help your child create/color a homemade "Hero Badge." Then identify a hero to recognize. It might be a family member or someone that your child knows personally. Take your child to present their "Hero Badge." Capture the special moment with a picture or video!

With a Group:
Take children on a local "Hero Journey" to the library, city hall, or museum and begin reading the walls! There are many captivating pictures, plaques and statues of local heroes in these public places for all of us to appreciate and learn from.

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