CLEO GETS A CONE (Episode 211a)

The dogs see another dog wearing a cone collar. Cleo and Mac make assumptions about the other dog's "weakness of character," boasting that she should have been able to stop scratching! However a few days later, Cleo is forced to "walk a mile in her cone" when she herself can't stop scratching and the experience teaches her compassion.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be Kind

Helping children to recognize that it's our differences that make us special will nurture a unique awareness that can foster understanding and compassion for others. These following activities nurture:

  • creative expression
  • social and emotional skills
  • physical and motor skills
  • math and numbers

Draw and Pass!

Materials: drawing paper, pencil or crayon, timer, pet or object

Discovering what's special about they way others look can be lots of fun! Share with your child that you are going to set the timer and then take turns drawing a picture of your pet, an object, or another person. Show your child how the timer works and how the numbers correspond to the time set.

Set the timer for 10 seconds and begin drawing. When the timer goes off, the paper is passed on and the other person begins to draw. It's hilarious fun to compare this cooperative effort to create an illustration that resembles a pet, object, or person.

Snack Time!

Materials: Favorite snacks, timer

It's important to be kind, especially when it's snack time! Discuss the importance of being kind and how someone else's kindness or lack of kindness affects our own feelings.

Ask your child to place snacks in a small area on table or clean surface. Help your child understand how the numbers on the timer represent seconds and minutes. Set timer for 1 minute. Take turns picking one snack up at a time until all the snacks have been divided evenly. Set the timer again for 5 minutes and dig in! Afterwards, set the timer for a quick one minute clean up!

With a Group:
Invite children to choose a partner to share "snack time" snacks with, set the timer and go! When the activity is finished, transition to a quieter activity by using the timer to play the "Quiet Game" or "I Spy."

Suggested Storybook

Corduroy by Don Freeman (Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers)

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