Equipment is disappearing from the local playground and it's up to K.C. to find out why. He enlists the help of Clifford and his friends to solve the mystery. These "Doggy Detectives" soon realize the joy of discovery can easily be found in a good book!

Clifford's Big Idea: Work Together

Learning happens for everyone in different ways. But for children, some of the most enjoyable ways to discover new information can be found through reading or by participating in a fun hands-on activity. The following activities nurture:

  • social and emotional skills
  • creative expression

Nature's Treasure

Materials: small individual brown paper bags

Discuss the many small wonders of nature with your child. Brainstorm about what kind of objects, live and non-living that might be discovered on a nature walk.

As you journey through the backyard or local park, collect items such as pinecones, stones, and pretty leaves. Look, listen, and discover nature. With a brown bag full of treasures, there's more fun to come!

With a Group:
Encourage each child to choose a special item from their collection to show the group. Help them describe their item using concepts of color, size, origin, and purpose or place of importance in nature.

Nature Collage

Materials: recycled material (poster board, cardboard, etc.), glue, markers, brown bag and nature items.

Present a variety of collage mediums for understanding. Discuss the creative freedom of making a collage. Then let your young artist loose and watch the wonder of their imagination go! Don't forget to crunch up or tear apart the brown bag used for collecting and integrate it in collage╔after all, it was once a tree!

With a Group:
Tour your local museum. Introduce children to the museum docent (volunteer) and discover the world of exhibition art. Afterwards, encourage children to make their own collage. Organize a simple exhibition in the backyard. Assign several children to be docents and invite quests to visit the event.

Suggested Storybooks

Little Green by Keith Baker (Harcourt)
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (HarperCollins Publishers)

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