Skyscraper Jackson has come to Birdwell Island for a big exhibition game, which Charley wouldn't miss for anything- except a bad cold. But Emily, Vaz, and Jetta each write a story about the game for Charley from their different points of view. Charley gets to relive the game through his friend's stories and they have a lot of fun writing and reading them to him.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be a Good Friend

It's great to have special friends to share good times with. By learning how to express feelings and communicate with friends, children can better develop meaningful relationships. The following activities nurture:

  • math and numbers
  • physical and motor skills

Laundry Basketball

Materials: Round laundry basket, basketball, and rope

Cut the bottom out of a laundry basket. Find a sturdy tree or fence and fasten the new goal tightly with rope. Practice bouncing, throwing, catching and counting points. Then it's time for some "one-on-one" competition!

Balancing Act

Materials: masking tape

Children can learn how to balance by walking, skipping, hopping, using creative movement and balancing something atop their head while they walk the imaginary tight rope of masking tape. To add to the fun, turn on some music and play follow the leader.

Jump the Puddle!

Materials: Two jump ropes

Place ropes parallel to each other to form an imaginary puddle. Take turns with your child jumping over ropes. Continue by widening the ropes to make a river, lake and ocean. Count or spell words as you jump. It's great exercise with no worries of getting wet!

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