PRINCESS CLEO (Episode 209a)

Cleo discovers her grandmother was a queen- and that makes her a princess! She begins to enjoy all the privileges she believes comes with being a princess, but soon learns that her friends are more important to her than a crown or title could ever be. In the end, she discovers that it's more fun to read about being a princess than to be one in real life.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be a Good Friend

Opportunities for children to experience special friendships as they develop become important steppingstones for healthy social and emotional growth. The following activities nurture:

  • creative expression
  • physical and motor skills
  • reading and language skills

The Dance of the Prince and Princess

Materials: scarves, crepe paper, feather boas, bath towels, safety pins, and music

Listen to music that has different rhythms, tempos and sounds. Pass out scarves, strips of colorful crepe paper, feather boas or just use the standard royal cloak made from a bath towel! Play some fanciful ballroom music and encourage your child to dance like he/she is at the Queen's ball.

With a Group:
Familiarize children with the rhythm of a waltz before showing them how to move to the music! Model proper dance etiquette for each partner and let the dancing begin!

Tell a Story

Materials: Cinderella storybook

Read the story of Cinderella to your child. Encourage your child to use the pictures to retell the story. Discuss Cinderella's feelings. Then help your child identify Cinderella's true friends and foes. Discuss why friends are important in our lives. Before ending this fun story time, ask your child create a new beginning or ending for this well-loved story.

Handle With Care!

Materials: old book, new book

Children develop a love for reading by hearing and handling books at a young age. Spend time talking about the various parts of a book. Model the proper way to turn pages, care for a book, and the importance of using a bookmarker. Compare the differences between an old book and a new book. Discuss possible ways that careful handling could have better preserved the old book's condition.

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