DINO CLIFFORD (Episode 140b)

Vaz's big sister Teresa is home from college and ready to dig for dinosaur bones and fossils on Birdwell Island! Who could be better helpers than Clifford and his dog friends? Everybody has great luck digging up fossils to complete a dinosaur skeleton that Teresa is piecing together—everybody but T-Bone, that is. Ultimately, though, by believing in himself T-Bone comes up with one of the most important bones needed to complete the job.

Clifford's Big Idea: : Believe in Yourself; Work TogetherClifford's Big Idea: : Believe in Yourself; Work Together

Young children need opportunities for success in order to believe in themselves and their abilities. By providing such opportunities for them, these activities encourage

  • critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • language and literacy skills

Marvelous Me!Marvelous Me!

Have the child make a Marvelous Me! book. Encourage the child to make a drawing on each of the following topics:

  • my family
  • my favorite colors
  • my favorite foods
  • my favorite toys
  • my favorite things to do
  • what makes me happy
  • a self-portrait for the front cover

To make the book, assemble the drawings and use construction paper to make the front and back covers. Use a hole punch to punch holes along the side and bind the book by tying the pages together with yarn.

My Clifford BookMy Clifford Book

Have the child listen to you read a Clifford story. Then have the child select a scene to illustrate for a Clifford book. Over time repeat the activity with other Clifford stories, collecting the child's drawings as they accumulate. After collecting the drawings, sequence the story illustrations and add text. Mount the artwork on large pieces of construction paper and use notebook rings to bind the book together. The child may also choose to illustrate the front and back cover of the book.

Storybook SuggestionsStorybook Suggestions

Read books about cooperation and teamwork, such as:

Chubbo's Pool by Betsy Lewin

When Chubbo the hippo finds a pool of cool water, he selfishly chases other animals away. In time, the pool dries up, and he moves to another one, only to find it full of the animals he chased earlier. Embarrassed, he trudges back to wallow in the mud that was his former pool. Soon, however, he is joined by a herd of elephants that circle him and spray water from their trunks until his pool is full once again.

Farmer Duck by Marin Waddell

A poor duck has to do all the work on the farm while a lazy farmer stays home in bed all day. The other animals take pity on the duck, and together they oust the farmer and live in peace and harmony thereafter.

Playing Right Field by Willy Welch

The awkward kid banished to right field catches the ball by mistake one day and saves the game.

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