DOGGIE GARDEN (Episode 137a)

It's "Keep Birdwell Beautiful" month, and the kids are doing their part by planting a flower garden. Seeing this, the dogs decide to create a doggie flower garden of their own. When Cleo hears that "almost anything grows" in Birdwell Island soil, she decides that she'd like to grow a garden full of dog toys! She soon learns, however, that working alone for a selfish end is not nearly as rewarding as working together for the whole community.

Clifford's Big Idea: Help Others; Work TogetherClifford's Big Idea: Help Others; Work Together

Working together and reaping the rewards of a collaborative project can provide unique opportunities for developing

  • language and literacy skills
  • science and discovery skills

Flower PowerFlower Power

A flower garden brightens even the smallest patch of yard and leaves and leaves a lasting legacy of cooperation. Determine what flowers grow well in your area. Then choose your favorite flowers to plant. Let the child help you plant the flowers: digging the holes with a small shovel, planting the seeds or plants, filling in the dirt around them, and watering. With regular care, the child will have the thrill of watching his or her efforts come to life!

Paper Bag StoriesPaper Bag Stories

This activity can be repeated again and again, with different results every time. Label a large paper bag "Story Starters." From time to time, put magazine pictures or small objects into the bag. when you want to start a story, select one item from the bag and work with the child to create an original story based on what you chose.

Community CornerCommunity Corner

With a group:
Invite family and friends to a Clifford Open House in which students read, perform skits from their work or display art based on Clifford and his friends.

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