TWO'S COMPANY (Episode 136a)

All of the dogs are so excited that their old friend K.C. is back on the island for a couple of days. Cleo, however, is particularly excited and focuses all of her attention on him, ignoring T-bone and Clifford. She discovers that being a good friend means that you should be kind and considerate to all your friends and not take any of them for granted..

Clifford's Big Idea: Be a Good FriendClifford's Big Idea: Be a Good Friend

Sometimes the people and things we see everyday get less of our attention than they deserve. Thinking of ways to show that we appreciate and value them can lead to lessons in

  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • physical and motor skills

Talk It OutTalk It Out

Being a good friend to many people at the same time can be like a juggling act. When friends are all together at the same time, it's hard to make sure that no one is being ignored. Talk about activities and games that are more fun when played with more people, such as board games, basketball, and even puzzles.

Amigos y AmigasAmigos y Amigas

With a group:
Use a playgroup, family, friends, or even a neighborhood gathering to draw and illustrate a mural of friends playing together. Talk about the special things friends do together, such as taking turns, playing chase games, or looking at storybooks. If possible, take pictures of the pals playing together and working on the mural together. Use a color copier to enlarge and make copies. Use the pictures as a part of the mural!

Teetering TowersTeetering Towers

With a group:
Children will enjoy constructing these towers together. Collect grocery bags and newspapers from friends, families, and neighbors, letting them know that you will be reusing them. Find a large space to begin your building adventure. Gather the children in a circle to make building blocks from paper bags stuffed with crumpled newspaper.

  • Give each child two bags and a stack of newspaper.
  • Show them how to separate, unfold, and then crumple the paper into large wads.
  • Open one bag and stuff it with wads of paper.
  • Slip a second bag over the first and seal with tape.
  • Repeat until their materials are gone.

The more building blocks you make, the higher your towers can be! How high can their towers teeter before they fall?

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