THE BEST GIFT (Episode 135b)

Emily Elizabeth believes that she has the perfect gift for her mother's birthday. She plans to spend the entire afternoon with her mother and read her a poem written just for her mom. Charley agrees that the gift is perfect, but Jetta has other ideas. Emily Elizabeth agrees to at least try some of Jetta's ideas, but in the end she realizes that the gift she created from her heart really is the best gift.

Clifford's Big Idea: Believe in YourselfClifford's Big Idea: Believe in Yourself

Learning that the people who care for us need care, too, can teach important lessons in

  • science and discovery
  • social and emotional skills

Clipping CouponsClipping Coupons

Coming up with the perfect gift can be tricky, even for adults. For an upcoming holiday or birthday, suggest to the child the idea of creating a coupon book with special coupons highlighting special privileges. These privileges can include a kiss and hug, a homemade snack, breakfast in bed, a neck massage, or a homemade card for the lucky recipient. Have the child draw pictures on the coupons, depicting that each privilege will be.

Nestled GiftsNestled Gifts

Collect an assortment of boxes—each with a top and bottom—that "nestle" (one fitting into another). With the child, use wrapping paper, comic strips, or hand-decorated butcher paper to gift-wrap the lids. With each lid wrapped and the lids on each of the boxes, arrange the boxes in a line from smallest to largest. Make a game out of putting the smallest box into the next size and so forth!

Storybook SuggestionsStorybook Suggestions

A Chair for My Mother by Vera Williams

I Love You, Mama, Anytime of Year by Nancy White Carlstrom

Is Your Mama a Llama by Steven Kellogg

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