THE BIG FETCH (Episode 134b)

Vaz is new at being a paperboy and is struggling with getting the papers onto people's doorsteps. Cleo steps in and discovers that she can earn treats by helping out! She recruits Clifford and T-Bone and together they enjoy helping Vaz out—and getting treats. Before long Cleo has forgotten about the helping-out part and is only concerned with getting treats. Clifford and T-Bone help her rediscover that helping for its own sake is its own reward.

Clifford's Big Idea: Help OthersClifford's Big Idea: Help Others

Helping others, especially good friends, benefits them and makes you feel pretty good, too. These activities on the theme of helping will develop

  • physical and motor skills
  • language and literacy skills

Peanut Butter and Jelly DancePeanut Butter and Jelly Dance

With a group:
Put on some fun dancing music and invite children to a Peanut Butter and Jelly Dance! In this dance, everybody has to be part of a four-person sandwich: two children are slices of bread, one is peanut butter, and another is jelly. Dance around and then stop the music! All parts of the sandwich must now fall apart. When the music starts again, have the children reassemble to make new sandwiches.

Storybook Suggestions Storybook Suggestions

Amber on the Mountain by Tony Johnston.

The joys of friendship are shared when Anna teaches Amber how to read.

Three Smart Pals by Joanne Rocklin.

A story of three good friends, Al, Sal, and Hal, and the adventures they have solving problems.

Poetry PartnersPoetry Partners

For older children:
Writing poetry together can lead to a creative meeting of the minds! Suggest a familiar topic to the child (an animal, pet, activity, or food, for example). Encourage the child to write a poem with you. The poem may rhyme but does not have to rhyme. Get your creative juices flowing by playing some music softly in the background.

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