AND BABY MAKES FOUR (Episode 133b)

When Jetta gets a new baby brother, she is extremely proud to be a big sister—at first—but when she realizes that she will now have to share the spotlight with the baby, she goes all out to regain her position as the center of attention. She eventually learns, however, that being a good "big sister" is far more rewarding than being the "star of the show."

Clifford's Big Idea: Share; Help OthersClifford's Big Idea: Share; Help Others

The fact that families come in all shapes, sizes, and forms is important to understand at an early age. Although a child's family may change, it is still the child's family. These family-centered activities will help develop

  • understanding and appreciating of diversity
  • art appreciation

Family ForumFamily Forum

Families come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Invite the child to draw a family portrait—a picture of all the family members doing something together. When the child has completed the drawing, help label it with each family member's name and a caption that describes what they are doing together.

Storybook SuggestionStorybook Suggestion

The Best Older Sister by Sook Nyul Choi

Sunhi is jealous of all the attention her baby brother gets until her grandmother allows her to plan his traditional Korean first-birthday celebration.

Group Family QuiltGroup Family Quilt

With a Group:
Prepare a note for parents that describes the activity. For example:

We're going to make a group family quilt, and we'd like your help. Please help your child decorate this quilt square to show your family doing something together. You might make a drawing or painting, or a collage using cutouts from magazines. We'd like to have all the squares ready by [date]. Thanks for your help!

Send the notes home with a square of construction paper for each family. When the children return the squares, create a group family quilt by lacing the squares together or gluing them onto a large piece of poster paper.

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