Clifford's good friends come over to help him clean out his doghouse, determined to get rid of all the old "junk" he no longer uses. But before long Clifford realizes that each item holds a special memory and can't be parted with. Mac thinks this is nonsense, until he is reminded of a memory in which he was included. He then understands, along with Clifford, that one dog's "junk" can be another dog's treasure.

Clifford's Big Idea: Have Respect; Be a Good Friend

Clifford's Big Idea: Have Respect; Be a Good Friend

"Weeding out" things that are no longer needed and getting rid of old things can often mean opportunities to reuse and recycle! Discussing ways to bring new life to old things can help teach

  • art appreciation skills
  • science and discovery skills

Flower FeverFlower Fever

Making these egg-carton blossoms provides a terrific opportunity to talk about reusing recyclable materials in fun and imaginative ways.

Save a used egg carton. Take the child outside to gather two or three branches, about one foot in length, that have fallen to the ground. Tear one cup-shaped section from the egg carton and tear the outer edge unevenly to make it look like a flower blossom. Work with the child to turn the other sections into flowers. Add color to the flowers with paint. Let them dry. Make leaves with construction paper. Tape the leaves to the branches. Push the ends of branches through the bottoms of the flowers, and secure the flowers with tape if needed. Display your flower collection in a vase or other container.

Star ScopesStar Scopes

Start with an empty toilet paper tube. Help the child tape black paper over one end of the tube. Using a toothpick, let the child gently punch small holes in the paper-covered end of the tube. To use the star scope, have the child hold the scope up to the light and look through the uncovered end. The light will shine through the holes, creating a miniature planetarium.

Storybook SuggestionsStorybook Suggestions

Where Does the Garbage Go? By Paul Showers

Hitch a ride on a garbage truck and follow a trash trail from a massive landfill to an incinerator where trash is burned and on to a recycling center, where it begins a new life.

Shapes in Nature by Judy Feldman

Exciting photographs of plants and animals draw attention to the many shapes found in nature.

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