IT'S MY PARTY (Episode 132b)

When Jetta throws a "movie-watching" party, she expects everyone to do things her way, which in this case means watching home movies of herself. The other kids try their best, but are soon bored and take a vote to go outside and make their own movie with Vaz's movie camera. They encourage Jetta to join them, but she stubbornly refuses. She soon learns that it's more fun to play when everyone has a voice in deciding what to do together.

Clifford's Big Idea: Have Respect; Be a Good Friend

Clifford's Big Idea: Have Respect; Be a Good Friend

Deciding what to play together is more fun for everyone when everyone has a voice in the decision. Making cooperative decisions in these activities will develop

  • music and art appreciation and performance skills
  • language and literacy skills

Starring You!Starring You!

If you have access to a videocamera and a tripod, set up the camera in a safe corner for a week and invite the child to prepare skits, dances, or songs to perform in front of the camera. Take some footage of the child at work and at play. Then at the end of the week, pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, and share the production together!

Autograph BooksAutograph Books

It's much more fun to collect the autographs of friends than the autographs of celebrities. Make a simple autograph book, using construction paper for the cover and white paper for the pages. Have the child invite friends to autograph the book and add a drawing or a special note.

Community CornerCommunity Corner

With a group:
Putting on a play can be a big production, but with the help of family, neighbors, and community members, it can be done. Consider putting on a small production based on a favorite book. Collect props and costumes to create the scenes. Assign each child a role or a job behind-the-scenes and help them learn their lines and roles. Create a program that lists everyone. Help the actors get into character by encouraging them to talk in voices that suit the characters they are playing. After you've had several practices and a dress rehearsal, and invite guests to your production. If you have access to a videocamera, have someone videotape the performance.

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