Jetta and Emily Elizabeth make plans to spend Saturday at the beach together, but Jetta breaks the play date when a "better offer" from an older girl comes along. However, when the older girl calls and cancels on Jetta, Jetta finally understands how Emily Elizabeth must have felt. She now realizes that being a good friend means keeping a promise.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be a Good FriendClifford's Big Idea: Be a Good Friend

Helping children learn the significance of keeping promises as one of the keys to maintaining strong friendships leads to important lessons in

  • life skills
  • social and emotional skills

Things To Do ListThings To Do List

Have the child create a Things to Do List on which to record the things that he or she needs to remember to do. The child can draw pictures on the list as a reminder to

  • make the bed
  • put toys away
  • brush teeth

Show the child how adults make a to-do list and check things off as they are done.

Valuing FriendsValuing Friends

Give the child an opportunity to make something special for a friend. It could be a card, a clay sculpture, or a picture.

With a group:
Write each child's name on a slip of paper and place all the slips in a can. Let each child pull one slip out of the can and make something special for the person named on it. Everyone will get something, and no one will get more than one. Before they begin their projects , encourage the children to really think about what they value most in the person whose name they've chosen and what might make the person happy.

Storybook Corner

Too Many Promises for Kelly by Teri Couture

Try to please all and you end up pleasing none. Keesha loves animals. She enjoys helping her neighbors by taking care of their pets, but an unexpected rainstorm brings unexpected trouble.

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