In this flashback episode, we see some of the challenges the Howards faced when they arrived on Birdwell Island with a very big red dog! Where would Clifford live? How would they feed him? What would they use as his water dish? The folks of Birdwell Island worked together to help the new arrivals solve their problems, forging strong new friendships in the process.

Clifford's Big Idea: Help Others; Be a Good FriendClifford's Big Idea: Help Others; Be a Good Friend

Making the decision to have a pet requires much planning and preparation. Most importantly, it must be a family team effort in which everyone works together. These activities on the theme of pets will build

  • critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • science and discovery skills

Pet VetPet Vet

With a group:
Having a pet brings lots of responsibilities and requires lots of supplies. Create a veterinarian's office, pet hospital, or pet shop where the children can pretend to take care of stuffed animals or sell animals to customers. Be sure to include some supplies necessary for taking care of animals and pets, either real or make-believe, such as

  • feeding bowls
  • water bowls
  • make-believe pet food (such as cereal, in case the vets start to help themselves!)
  • leashes
  • brushes

Pet ProjectsPet Projects

If your child has a pet, have him or her draw a portrait of the pet and dictate a sentence or two about what makes the pet especially lovable. Write the dictated sentences below the drawing. If the child does not have a pet, discuss the kind of pet the child would like to have if any kind of pet were possible. Have the child draw a picture of the ideal pet and include himself or herself.

Storybook CornerStorybook Corner

These books emphasize the importance of community and family—both necessary elements for the survival and happiness of little ones!

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon A family of birds takes care of a little bat.

What Zeesie Saw on Delancey Street by Elsa Okon Rael The importance of community and the rewards of generosity are interwoven with the account of Zeesie's seventh-birthday party.

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