BEST PAW FORWARD (Episode 129a)

Cement is being poured at the new Birdwell Island recreation center, and the kids and dogs are invited to leave their handprints in the cement. But Clifford's pawprint is just too big! Seeing Clifford's disappointment, his friends work together to find a way to include Clifford's print. Everyone's delighted when Clifford's pawprint becomes the new wading pool for the very young children of Birdwell Island.

Clifford's Big Idea: Help OthersClifford's Big Idea: Help Others

Learning to formulate creative solutions to potential problems can lead to important lessons in

  • life skills
  • critical thinking and problem-solving skills

What Do You See?What Do You See?

Paintblots can encourage children to take a second look. Drip a few drops of several colorws of paint onto the center of a sheet of paper. Fold the paper in half, unfold it, and you have a paintblot.

Make one paintblot and tell the child what you see in it. Make another and ask the child to tell you what he or she sses. A butterfly? A dragon holding a purse?

Make some more! Turning the paper around and looking at the blot from different angles can yield a whole new set of responses.

Shaving Cream FunShaving Cream Fun

Smearing large, soft, fragrant gobs of shaving cream on a table top is an activity that can generate lots of creative energy! Like looking at clouds in the sky, shaving cream gobs can take on a life of their own as children practice seeing imagined images in their forms. Increase the fun by adding plastic animals, dinosaurs, berry box 'cages', plastic vehicles, and other small accessories.

When a pencil is not just a pencil…When a pencil is not just a pencil…

For Older Children:
Encourage older children to 'think outside of the box' by giving them everyday objects (with seemingly one purpose) and having them make a list of other uses for them—the sillier the better! For example, a pencil can also be used as a conductor's baton, to make music when it is tapped against glasses of water, as chopsticks (paired with another pencil), or as a bookmark. Try having them think of other uses for a spoon, a glass, a paperclip, a plate.

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