GET WELL (Episode 127b)

Emily Elizabeth comes down with a bad cold, and Clifford and friends want to help her feel better. Using their imaginations, creativity, and the resources around them, they create a card, collect flowers, and fashion a small gift. When they present their offerings to Emily Elizabeth, it is obvious that they have succeeded in making her feel cared for and loved. The dogs learn that it's the thought behind a gift that matters most.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be a Good FriendClifford's Big Idea: Be a Good Friend

Children learn empathy and kindness by seeing the grownups around them take interest in others. Take an interest in your neighborhood or visit a sick friend to help children build

  • social and emotional skills

The Doctor Will See You NowThe Doctor Will See You Now

Contact a local children's hospital or youth clinic about their outreach services. Many hospitals have materials to give away or send staff to local fairs and malls where they give presentations on health topics. Their programs may include such child-friendly activities as making finger casts, demonstrating ankle and wrist wraps, and sharing medical equipment, such as x-rays and stethoscopes. if you can, take the child to one of these presentations.

Community Clean-up

With a Group:
Choose a park or playground for a community cleanup project. Check with the Department of Public Works for permission and guidelines, and then invite families to join you for a "Spruce Up Our Neighborhood Day." Review safety concerns, such as wearing gloves and using tools rather than bare hands, watching out for broken glass, wearing sunscreen, and drinking plenty of water.

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