THE KIBBLE CROOK (Episode 126a)

T-Bone can't resist sneaking a bite-—well, okay the whole bowl—of Cleo's new dog food. When Cleo gets upset, T-Bone blames it on another dog and sends our fearless friends on a wild goose chase. But T-Bone ultimately confesses that there is no other dog, and he learns that he must take responsibility for his own mistakes.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be Truthful Clifford's Big Idea: Be Truthful

Story extrapolation and sequencing expand children's ability to play with their growing language capabilities. These activities will exercise:

  • language and literacy skills

Tall TalesTall Tales

Begin the activity by collecting pictures from magazines that show activity (for instance someone catching a ball, taking a bite of food, or opening a door). Use these as story starters by asking the child, "What do you think might happen next?"

You can also create sentence story starters. Use your child's name—or the names of friends—to get a story started. Story starters could include:

[Child's name] picked up the egg.
The monkey jumped up and down.
[Child's friend's name] ran outside.

Again, ask, "What do you think might happen next?"

The more familiar and concrete the story starters are, the easier it will be for the child to add next steps to the story.

The first few times, you build a story together, the child may need prompting to add to the story, but as the concept becomes more familiar, the child's imagination will bloom.

Puppy Chow: A Snack for Girls and Boys

Puppy Chow: A Snack for Girls and Boys
(Not Dogs!)

Easy-to-follow recipes make a great lesson in following directions, understanding a sequence, and working together.

Create a simple recipe for Puppy Chow by combining equal parts of favorite snack-time ingredients, such as pretzels, raisins, dried fruit pieces, and your favorite nuts. Copy the recipe onto a large sheet of paper; for instance:

1 scoop of raisins
1 scoop of coconut shreds
2 scoops of peanuts

Put the raisins in a bowl. Add the coconut. Add the peanuts. Mix together. Eat and enjoy!

While the child is enjoying the snack, have him or her illustrate each step of the recipe on a separate card. Then have the child put the cards in the order—the sequence—of the recipe.

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