WHO, ME, JEALOUS? (Episode 124a)

Mrs. Diller is taking care of Susie, her sister's adorable little puppy, for the weekend. To Cleo it appears that Mrs. Diller likes the cute little puppy better than she likes Cleo! So Cleo determines to "out-cute" the puppy and win back Mrs. Diller's affection. But she soon learns that Mrs. Diller thinks Cleo is perfect just the way she is.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be ResponsibleClifford's Big Idea: Be Responsible

Anyone who has ever had a puppy or baby in the house knows what hard work it can be! Oh they're cute, but they have such important needs! Help children recognize the importance of being responsible while building:

  • life skills

Baby, Oh BabyBaby, Oh Baby

A baby doll can provide imaginative play and be a resource for learning about the roles and responsibilities of caretaking. Each morning, introduce another of the "baby's" needs and discuss how the need can be met. For example, consider how to

  • keep the baby warm
  • keep the baby clean
  • feed the baby
  • keep the baby healthy

After introducing the baby's needs and the ways to care for the baby one by one, have the child be responsible for a baby doll all day long!

Taking Care of SusieTaking Care of Susie

Invite the child to role-play a situation in which Susie returns for another weekend with Mrs. Diller. Give the child the option of playing the part of Susie or Cleo, and you take the part that the child does not choose. To emphasize the need to share things, including Mrs. Diller's attention, introduce situations like the following into your role-play:

  • Mrs. Diller puts out two bowls of dog treats.
  • Mrs. Diller gives the dogs one ball to play with.
  • Cleo wants to go to see her friends Clifford and T-Bone.
  • Susie misses her own home.

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