THE BIG SLEEPOVER (Episode 122a)

Emily is going off the Island for a night and asks Charley to baby-sit Clifford. The day goes pretty well, but when night falls Clifford really misses Emily. The whole town bands together to get the big red dog through the night, and they learn that this community has the kind of spirit that can accomplish anything if they put their minds to it!

Clifford's Big Idea: Work TogetherClifford's Big Idea: Work Together

Activities that highlight the value of working together, forming and maintaining a community, and a helping spirit develop children's skills in

  • social and emotional development
  • life skills and social literacy

Stone SoupStone Soup

Read the folk tale Stone Soup together. Talk about the lessons the story teaches and how a community accomplished a seemingly impossible task.

With a Group:
As a treat, prepare Stone Soup as a community effort, with each child contributing a vegetable to the pot. Write a note to parents telling them about the activity in advance and ask each child to bring an ingredient. For fun, find a stone outside, clean it well, and add it to your soup!

Clifford Sleeps OverClifford Sleeps Over

Encourage the child to imagine that Clifford is going to spend the night. Together, explore the possibilities and problems that Clifford might bring as an overnight visitor. For example:

  • What will Clifford want to eat?
  • How much will Clifford want to eat?
  • Where can Clifford sleep?
  • What games will Clifford want to play?
  • Where can Clifford find enough room to play?
  • What friends and neighbors will want to meet Clifford?

With Older Children:
Have the child dictate a story called "The Night Clifford Slept Over," telling about an imaginary visit from Clifford. Write the story as the child dictates. Read the story together, and encourage the child to illustrate it.

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