TEAM SPIRIT (Episode 119b)

After Jetta tells Vaz that his poor soccer skills are hurting their team, Vaz tries to sit out the rest of the game. In the end, Jetta and Vaz learn that being part of a team is more important than winning.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be Kind, Play Fair Clifford's Big Idea: Be Kind, Play Fair

Kindness and fairness are both essential pieces of being a part of a team. These activities will promote:

  • critical and creative thinking
  • problem-solving skills
  • life skills and social literacy

Weave a WebWeave a Web

With a Group:
Have the children weave a web of yarn.

  • Begin with the children sitting in a circle, facing inward.
  • Give a ball of yarn to the first child and have him or her hold the end tightly in one hand and the ball in the other.
  • Have the child toss the ball to any other child, saying the child’s name and “Please help me weave a web.”
  • The child who catches the ball of yarn says “Thank you,” the tosser’s name, and “I will help you weave a web.”
  • The child holds the yarn in one hand and with the other hand tosses the ball to any child but the first one.
  • Play continues in this manner, with each child who catches the ball holding the yarn and tossing the ball to another child who is not part of the web yet.
  • When every child has become part of the web, begin a second round, and so until the web is complete.

When the web is finished, the real fun begins! Can the group stand up together without getting tangled in it?

Time EnoughTime Enough

Children develop skills and success at different rates and different times. In a home with a busy pace, it can be difficult to allow children the time they need to complete a task—especially if it’s a new skill. Set aside a quiet time when you and the child can enjoy practicing the skills that the child finds difficult or time-consuming, such as tying shoes or putting storybooks on a shelf.

With a Group:
Set aside a time when the schedule isn’t the boss to allow everyone a turn in a simple game. Create two lines of children—with children facing one another—and kick a ball or toss a bean bag back and forth down the line.

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