STARS IN YOUR EYES (Episode 117b)

Charley gets a new telescope and offers to bring it to Emily Elizabeth's "space" theme party. When Jetta mentions that the telescope might get hurt at the party, Charley changes his mind. Thinking that his friends won't want him at the party without his telescope, he decides to stay home. In the end, Charley realizes that his friends like him for who he is rather than what he has.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be a Good FriendClifford's Big Idea: Be a Good Friend

Discussing qualities that make a good friend and working together to preserve friendship memories can help build:

  • social and emotional skills
  • art appreciation


Begin this activity with a discussion about the qualities each person has on the inside that make him or her a good friend. Have the child draw a picture of himself or herself. Then, ask the child to write, draw pictures of, or name five qualities that make him or her a good friend.

After the child has decided on five qualities, have the child consider which ones come from the inside and which ones from the outside. For example, being good at sharing comes from inside, while having lots of games comes from the outside . . . and may not be as important for being a good friend.

Memory BoxMemory Box

Creating a Memory Box can give each child opportunities to choose and store favorite mementos of special projects and occasions that have been shared as a class or family.

Community Corner: Friendships that Last

With a Group:
Children can be reminded that adults have good friends, too, and that friendships can last a long time if both work on it together. Consider introducing the children to one of your longtime friends. Bring pictures of the two of you together, if possible, and talk about how you met, some experiences and memories you've shared, and what qualities make you both good friends. Then invite your friend to visit and participate in a group activity.

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