LITTLE CLIFFORD (Episode 112a)

In this flashback story, we learn how Emily and Clifford got together and how Emily's unconditional love changed the "runt" of the litter into the biggest dog around!

Clifford's Big Idea: Be KindClifford's Big Idea: Be Kind

Learning to appreciate the ways in which everyone is unique and special can help children develop and improve:

  • Social and emotional development
  • appreciation and understanding of cultural and social diversity

More than Man's Best FriendMore than Man's Best Friend

Clifford feels much appreciation and love for Emily because she was willing to love him even though he was the smallest, weakest puppy in the litter. He depended on her to survive. Many children don't realize that people depend on dogs, too. Have the children think of ways in which dogs are helpful to humans. Examples of dogs that are trained to be useful to people include:

  • seeing-eye dogs
  • companion dogs for shut-ins
  • St. Bernard rescue dogs
  • sheep dogs for herding

Each One, Teach OneEach One, Teach One

With a Group:
Young children appreciate knowing that they have unique skills and abilities that they can teach others. Help the children think of skills they possess or games they know how to play that can be taught to the rest of the class. Children may know how to count in a different language, make a crafts project, or recite from a favorite book. Set aside time each week to give each child an opportunity to be the teacher!

Community KindnessCommunity Kindness

For Older Children:
Extend the episode's lessons of kindness into the community in which they live. Help a local shelter to collect food, clothing, or toys; or sign up to volunteer at a city park cleanup day. Remember to praise children for their kind thoughts and ideas.

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