COME BACK, MAC (Episode 111a)

Mac tears one of Jetta's favorite sweaters and feels so terrible that he runs away. Clifford and his friends seek Mac out and convince him to return and face the music. Mac learns that he's more important to Jetta than her sweater, and that facing up to your deeds is the wise thing to do.

Clifford's Big Idea: Be TruthfulClifford's Big Idea: Be Truthful

In these activities, discussing why admitting a mistake is the best policy and exploring ways to tell the truth even when it's hard to do so will give children opportunities to build their:

  • life skills and social literacy skills
  • social and emotional skills

Blame, Blame, Go AwayBlame, Blame, Go Away

Ask the child to think of a time when he or she made a mistake and didn't want to admit it. Use questions such as these to stimulate a discussion about how the child felt:

  • Were you afraid to admit it?
  • Why?
  • Did you try to blame someone else?
  • Did you want to run away?

Then talk about how the child thinks Mac felt when he finally told the truth. Real friendship means being able to tell the truth and still be friends!

Celebrate Good FriendsCelebrate Good Friends

With a Group:
Mac learns that friendship can outlast accidents or hardships. Help children value their friendships by encouraging them to use words to describe what "being a good friend" means.

Give pairs of friends one piece of sidewalk chalk and have them take turns tracing each other's bodies. Help them write words on the sidewalk to describe their friendship.

Invite stuffed animals and dolls to a special snack party (have each child bring in one special stuffed friend). Have plenty of paper on hand so that you and your children can describe why these friends are special.

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