CIRCUS STARS (Episode 109a)

When Gordo the elephant, star of the circus, comes down with an ear infection, Clifford has to step in and take his place. Starstruck Clifford learns that "stars" are just regular people and, like everyone else, they sometimes need a helping hand.

Clifford's Big Idea: Help OthersClifford's Big Idea: Help Others

By thinking, writing about, and illustrating ways in which others have helped them, and by thinking of ways to help others, children will develop skills in:

  • social and emotional development
  • language and literacy

Good SamaritansGood Samaritans

Ask the child to think of a time when someone was particularly helpful. Help the child write and illustrate the narrative of the experience, including the feelings that it aroused. You can take dictation from the child and then read what the child has said. You may want to provide sentence starters, such as:

  • It really helped me when . . .
  • I was having a hard time until . . .
  • I remember when . . .

With a Group:
After the children have written about their experiences, assemble their stories into a bulletin board display or class book.

As Big as an Elephant!As Big as an Elephant!

Imagine being as big as Clifford! Help your child write a story about what life would be like if he or she were as big as Clifford. Stimulate the child's imagination about the differences in everyday occurrences, such as

  • meals
  • bedtime and sleeping arrangements
  • things that would be easier to do
  • things that would be harder to do

Have the child dictate a story to you.

Community Corner Community Corner

With a Group:
Have the children brainstorm ways in which they, as a group, can help others in the community. List their ideas as they suggest them. Suggest some of the following toget their thinking started:

  • brighten the day of a senior citizen by giving artwork as a present
  • help a local shelter by collecting food, clothing, or toys
  • help a teacher by offering to clean chalkboards, erasers, or desks

Remember to praise the children for their kind thoughts and ideas. Finally, go out and do it!

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