ITCHY PATCH (Episode 107b)

Clifford is itching and hears Emily say that she'll have to take him to the vet if it keeps up. Clifford learns the importance of trust when going into an unknown situation.

Clifford's Big Idea: Believe in YourselfClifford's Big Idea: Believe in Yourself

Discussing what makes the child feel brave and providing the child with information about what goes on at a doctor's office will help develop and improve:

  • social and emotional skills
  • science and discovery skills

Doctor's VisitDoctor's Visit

Going to a doctor can be a daunting experience for anyone at any age. Taking away some of the mystery of going to see a doctor can help allay some fears. Start a discussion about when the child had to see a doctor:

  • Was it for a checkup?
  • Was it for a shot? What was the purpose of the shot?
  • Was it to make the child well after being hurt or sick?

With a Group:
Set up a learning center with things one might find in a doctor's office: adhesive bandages, tongue depressors, cotton balls, swabs, alcohol, and ointment. If possible, invite a pediatrician in your community to speak to the group.

Home Safety RulesHome Safety Rules

Many injuries at home can be avoided if children are taught or reminded of basic safety guidelines. Use this opportunity to discuss rules for safety around tools, kitchen implements, sources of heat, and electrical devices.

Clifford Role-PlayClifford Role-Play

In this episode, Clifford is unwilling to go to the veterinarian for his itchy patch because he's afraid of what will happen to him while he is there. Introduce a puppet as Clifford and set up a role-play based on Clifford's having to go to the vet. Encourage the child to convince Clifford that going to the vet will be for his own good and that he will feel much better after going.

Suggested StorybooksSuggested Storybooks

Stories about bravery include:

"Dragons and Giants" from Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel
There's a Nightmare in My Closet by Mercer Mayer
Sheila Rae the Brave by Kevin Henkes

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