THE GREAT RACE (Episode 105a)

T-Bone finds himself in a contest with Mac. He doesn't win, but he does his best. T-Bone learns that you don't have to win to feel good; you just have to do your very best.

Clifford's Big Idea: Believe in YourselfClifford's Big Idea: Believe in Yourself

Working together in games that minimize individual competition can go a long way toward teaching the value of doing one's best as a contribution to the success of a team, thereby building:

  • life skills
  • social development
  • emotional development

Great Team RacesGreat Team Races

With a Group:
Organize a month of team-building relay races. If possible, hold team-building activities once a week.

Create three or four teams that represent a healthy balance of skills and capabilities (some strong runners, some not-so-strong runners). Discuss the importance (and fun) of teamwork. Point out that in a team, the success of the team depends on how well everyone does, so doing one's personal best is the best possible contribution to the team. Encourage the members of each team to give their team a name. Review the goals and rules of a relay. Then have the teams compete in one of the following:

Pass-the-Bone: teams pass dog biscuits from one member to the next, with their hands behind their backs
Over-the-Dog-House: teams line up single file and then, one at a time, go up a ladder and down a slide

Encourage the children to cheer for one another as they work together. After the race, encourage the teams to shake hands and share supportive exchanges, such as "You did a great job!" Each week, change the game and the teams.

Community LearningCommunity Learning

Invite a team of people to visit your group to talk about what it's like to work on a team where everyone has an indispensable role. Possible teams include a fire department, paramedics, or a sports team.

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