Clifford and Emily are excited. Cousin Laura and her dog Rex are coming to visit! They haven't seen them since Rex and Clifford were little puppies together! When they arrive, however, Emily and Clifford find that Laura and Rex are different from the way they remember them. Clifford and Emily learn that people change and adjustments have to be made in a relationship.

Clifford's Big Idea: Have RespectClifford's Big Idea: Have Respect

By exploring the ways in which people may change during an absence and ways that people can stay in touch when they're apart, children develop:

  • life skills and social literacy
  • language and literacy

Growing and ChangingGrowing and Changing

Young children need help learning that other people change, just as they are changing as they grow. Most important is finding ways to help a child maintain a positive and consistent sense of self. Help the child think of all the ways in which he or she has changed in the past year. You might ask

  • What new things have you learned to do?
  • How much have you grown?
  • What new places have you gone to?

Miss You -- Please Write SoonMiss You—Please Write Soon

Have the child think of a relative or friend who has been away for a while. What would the child like to tell or ask the "missing person"? Help the child write a letter to that special person by dictating to you as you write. This is a good opportunity to go over the basics of letter-writing:

  • dating the letter
  • addressing the envelope
  • adding a stamp
  • mailing the letter

Special DeliverySpecial Delivery

With a Group:
Set up a Writing Center and Post Office as a learning center or play space. Stock the center with stationery, envelopes, stamps, rubber stamps and stamp pads, and colored pens and pencils.

Make a mailbox from a cardboard carton, painted to resemble an actual mailbox. Encourage children to use the center to write to one another, "mailing" their letters in the box. They can take turns sorting the mail and delivering it.

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