A FERRY TALE (Episode 102B)

After Emily grooms Clifford in preparation for Prize Pooch Magazine's "Dog of the Year" contest, he is expected to "stay clean" until the judge, Lily LaValley, arrives. Clifford struggles to stay clean, but getting dirty gets the better of him. In the end, Clifford learns that Emily loves him, clean or dirty, unconditionally.

Clifford's Big Idea: Believe in YourselfClifford's Big Idea: Believe in Yourself

Children develop self-esteem and an appreciation of their own skills and others' skills by sharing a unique talent. This activity encourages:

  • language and literacy
  • social and emotional development

Note: This activity can be on-going.

All About MeAll About Me

Have the child draw a self-portrait using crayons, markers, colored pencils, or any other medium. Tell the child that you're going to conduct an "interview" or "press conference." Encourage the child togather photographs, souvenirs, and favorite objects to display for the "audience." During the interview, ask questions such as these:

  • What is your favorite food? Color? Book? Sport?
  • Who shared something with you recently?
  • What are some things that you could teach a younger person to do?
  • What story would you like to tell about an adventure or experience you had?

With a Group:
Create a space on your bulletin board devoted to this activity called All About Me. Have each child draw a self-portrait. At the beginning of each week, choose a Star of the Week by selecting a child's name from a basket. Give the star child a couple of days to prepare for the interview. During the interview, encourage the other children to contribute positive statements about the Star, such as

  • She's a good friend.
  • She shared a puzzle with me.

Write their responses and include them on the bulletin board.

Paper Friend PuppetsPaper Friend Puppets

  • I Like Me by Nancy L. Carlson (Viking Kestrel)
  • Nogood in Art by Miriam Cohen (Greenwillow Books)

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