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What's the biggest bubble you made?
Here's how kids have voted so far:
Pie chart representing percentages at right 16% 3 inches across

17% 6 inches across

65% More than 6 inches across!

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How's it work?
One reason bubbles pop is due to evaporation of the thin bubble wall. Some ingredients can reduce the evaporation, letting you make a big long-lasting bubble.

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Here's what other DFTVer's are saying!
michael blowing bubbles Michael, age 8, CO
My bubble was 7 1/2 inches. I used light corn syrup as my secret ingredient. Also, it helped to blow gently.

rhianne blowing bubbles Rhianne, age 9, FL
I made a special recipe out of shampoo, hand soap, glitter shower gel, and glitter glue. Then, I used my hands to make the bubble! My biggest bubble was 6 1/2 inches across!

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