Help your child join Sally, Nick, and the Cat in the Hat in science explorations.


Invite your child to sing along with the characters. The program's songs will get your child excited about doing and learning science.

Encourage your child to join in the science adventures of Sally, Nick, and the Cat the Hat. Ask your child to look at what the characters are doing and share her own ideas. Make comments like "It looks like they are going on an exploration to discover . . . "or "How do you think they will find out about . . . ?"

Watch your child's reactions to the show and listen to her questions and comments. They may give you ideas for family explorations and adventures you could do that will extend your child's learning.


Ask questions that help your child recall and think about the program, such as "What did you like best about what Sally, Nick, and the Cat in the Hat found out . . . ?" Share excitement and interest with your child by making comments like"Wow, I didn't know that . . . " and "I wonder if . . . ."

Make connections between the show and your child's own observations or explorations by saying "I remember when we went on an adventure and . . . " or asking "How do you think the Cat's adventure was like the time when we . . . ?"


  • Use the Activities on this website to engage your child in her own science explorations.
  • Encourage your child to model herself after Sally, Nick, and the Cat in the Hat-by noticing when she asks questions or engages in trying to find out something interesting: "It looks like you are doing an investigation just as Sally did! Tell me about it!"
  • Encourage your child to draw pictures about his favorite part of The Cat in the Hat adventure.
  • Encourage your child to repeat The Cat in the Hat rhymes and make up his own rhymes.
  • Share a variety of books about the topic, including non-fiction books. Recommended science books for young children are included in each activity and in The Cat in the Hat's Science Book Shelf.
  • See The Cat in the Hat's Top Ten Tips for Engaging Young Children in Science for more ideas.